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35 Madden 16 Tips and Tricks



Madden 16 Tips for Better Offense

Now that you know how to shut down the offense when you are playing D, you need to learn how to play better offense in Madden 16. These eight Madden 16 tips and one offensive Madden 16 trick will set you up for more touchdowns and more conversions as you march downfield. We’ll also help you throw fewer interceptions.

Play Better with Marcus Mariota

For those of you who play with Marcus Mariota on the Tennessee Titans, here are the plays you need to use this first round draft pick to lead the Titans to consistent wins.

Best Madden 16 Running Plays

You don’t need a playbook full of runs to beat your opponent in Madden 16. Zfarls shares his top three Madden 16 running plays in the video above. You can use these as your go to run plays to deliver much-needed ground gains.

  • Inside Zone Split – Hit the opening for big gains.
  • FB Dive – Short yardage gains with a powerful fullback.
  • Quick Toss – This is a powerful run play to go to. If this doesn’t work with your team try the HB Stretch.

ZFarls also shares a favorite for the red zone with the Power O run that can help you get around for a score instead of going inside.

Throw a Touch Pass in Madden 16

You have more control over passing in Madden 16, and we’ll get into all the options below, but you can use the video above to use the new Madden 16 touch pass. This is perfect for hitting a receiver who is running across the screen. A touch pass is between a bullet and a lob that allows you to put the ball right where you need for a possession and just out of reach of defenders.

Become a Better Passer

There are new pass mechanics in Madden 16 that make it easier to be a better quarterback, if you know how to use them. We’ll walk you through the top passing options according to Larry Richart, EA SPORTS Madden Designer.

  1. Throw on the Run – Use RT or R2 to sprint or tap to rollout to get to space and then pass.
  2. Back Shoulder Pass – Use the left stick to pull the ball low and away for red zone scores.
  3. Throw it Low – Use LT or L2 to throw the ball low so defenders cannot get to it. Great for tight spaces
  4. High Point – Use LB or L1 to throw the ball high. Aim for a TE in Cover 3 to destroy the opposition.

Spend time in practice figuring out these new mechanics so that you can nail them in the game when it matters.

How to Throw Accurate Passes in Madden 16

Now that you know how to use the new throw options, use this video to learn how you can become a better passer. You will see the feedback at the bottom of the screen to tell you what you do wrong.

Read Coverages in Madden 16

The best way to become a better player on offense is to learn how to read coverages so you can switch to plays that beat what your opponent is set up for. The video above walks through how to read coverages in Madden 16 and you can also use the Skills Trainer to get yourself set up for a better play. If you see coverage you know you can beat with a specific play, call an audible and go for a win.

Use Wide Receiver Playmakers

Sometimes the only way to salvage a play after the snap is to change the route of a wide receiver in the middle of the play. In Madden 16 this is the Playmaker option.

When you are the quarterback you can Playmaker a receiver by holding LT or L2 and flicking with the right stick. This will change the direction of the closest receiver in the direction of the flick.

Throw the Ball Away in Madden 16

Sometimes you cannot do anything with the ball, and you need to avoid a sack. When it comes down to this you will need to get out of the pocket and then push in on right stick. If you are in the pocket you will get hit with intentional grounding so be careful with this option.

Throw Fewer Interceptions in Madden 16

The video above is from Madden 15, but you can use the same tips above and the new passing controls to throw fewer interceptions in Madden 16. Don’t be greedy, set your feet, learn how to read coverage and don’t rule out the run to give your quarterback some breathing room and options for the play action pass.

Best Passing Play in Madden 16

Choose Gun Split Close Y Trail and then make sure you use the new Touch Pass option to lob o ver the defense or to use RAC catching to get more yards by cutting right upfield. You can also do a low throw to get exactly what you need. This play offers a wide range of options to throw to and with the new catches you can run the field.

How to Beat Man to Man Coverage in Madden 16

You can use these tips to beat man to man coverage in Madden 16. The video shows the routes you need to beat press coverage and players who cut off the corner.

How to Block Any Blitz in Madden 16

Use these tips to block any blitz in Madden 16. You limit the number of players running routes, but you get the protection you need to find the open man.

How to Celebrate in Madden 16

When you do blow past your opponent in Madden 16 you will want to celebrate and you don’t have to wait until you are in the end zone to show off your moves.

Use LT and on Xbox One or L2 and X on PS4 to celebrate. Make sure you have plenty of room and turbo. If you get hit, you will likely fumble. You can also use this on defense after a big pick six or fumble recovery.

Madden 16 Tips Special Teams Settings

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  5. Paul

    02/26/2016 at 11:37 am

    I got into Madden 16 late and I see a lot of guides and videos showing the defense Nickel 3-3-5 odd from the New England playbook. I cannot find this set anywhere in their playbook or when trying to customize a playbook. Did they patch and remove this set? Thanks.

    • Frank S

      03/21/2016 at 5:00 pm

      Hi Paul. I believe the Nickel 335 Odd is only on Next gen Consoles (PS4 and XBO). I play on the PS4 and the Nickel 335 Odd is definitely in the NE book. It’s one of my favorite formations.

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