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Madden NFL 15 Deal Offers Rare Savings for Gamers 



With early free trials and pre-loading arriving earlier today, there are a lot of console owners out there looking for the mythical Madden NFL 15 deal that’ll get them everything the need plus a few extras to make buying the game worth while. There aren’t many to be found, but one single Madden NFL 15 deal being offered online and at the Microsoft Store does net users $10 in credit for picking up the game.

As or right now, Xbox One and Xbox 360 shoppers can take advantage of this Madden NFL 15 deal without a problem. In order to get the gift card, users have to pre-order the game, leaving them just a single day to do so before the deal expires. In fact, as of right now users have less than a day — Microsoft says that the deal ends at 2PM Pacific Day Time on August 22nd.

The EA Access Madden 15 release date is confirmed for five days of early access.

The EA Access Madden 15 release date is confirmed for five days of early access.

The $10 gift card awarded in the deal can’t be used on a the same purchase since Microsoft only sends it out after the game has been pre-ordered, but it can be used on purchases in Madden NFL 15 itself. so for example, buyers taking advantage of this Madden NFL 15 deal could use the gift card to buy cheap games, movies and television shows, or maybe some credit to go towards the Ultimate Team system inside the game.

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Users who do decide to take advantage of this Madden NFL 15 deal are already saving a bit. Users who purchase games from the Microsoft Store don’t pay shipping, that’s despite Microsoft guaranteeing that buyers in the continental United States get their titles at the same time as they arrive on store shelves. This deal isn’t limited to a single version of the game. That means Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Edition buyers save even more since that version of the game already comes with $40 in digital extras. Madden NFL 15 for Xbox 360, Madden NFL 15 for the Xbox 360 is already included in the deal too.

Sadly, the Xbox One Madden NFL 15 Bundle that Microsoft announced during its press event at Gamescom 2014 is not included in this deal. That being said, Xbox One Madden NFL 15 Bundle buyers are already getting a steal. The bundle only costs $399.99 and includes a wireless controller, the Xbox 360 console itself and a basic copy of Madden NFL 15. It does not include a Kinect 2 sensor, which is a shame since Madden NFL 15 does include voice commands just like last year’s game.

Despite its high-profile, the Microsoft Store is the only nationwide retailer actually offering any sort of Madden NFL deal. GameStop no longer boosts trade-in value for specific games. That being said, users who trade in the game for the Xbox One can expect around $30 in trade-in value for it. That money can be put toward Madden NFL 15 or applied to any other purchase.

Madden NFL 15 arrives on store shelves officially August 26th. Developer Electronic Arts has made a number of changes to the long-running franchise. Players stuck on defense can now choose between aggressively tackling an opponent and risking injury and more. A new presentation mode should also make this year’s version of the game feel more like a real life football game.

Subscribers to Electronic Arts’ EA Access digital download service can grab the game today — five days before anyone else can get it. Unfortunately, users who do get the game this way can expect only six hours of actual gameplay. They’ll still need to purchase a final version of the game at some point too.

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Madden NFL 15 will cost $59.99 when it arrives on store shelves. EA Access subscriber son the Xbox One will get 10% off the game’s final purchase price. The game will launch on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4 too.



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    What’s the difference between the regular version and the ultimate version of the game

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    What’s the difference between the regular version and the ultimate version of the game see here

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