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Madden Release: 7 Things to Know



The new Madden release is fast approaching and if you want to play Madden 15 on day one there are a few things you need to know. While you wait for the Madden release date to arrive, here are a look at seven things you can expect from EA Sports on the Madden release day.

EA confirmed the Madden release date for 2014 is on August 26th. After Madden 25 in 2013, we are back to using the year in the name so the new Madden release is Madden 15.

Richard Sherman is on the Madden 15 cover, but if you want another player to grace the cover of your new Madden game you may be able to download alternate fan made Madden 15 covers soon after the Madden release.

Here's what you need to know about Madden 15 to be ready for the Madden release.

Here’s what you need to know about Madden 15 to be ready for the Madden release.

This is a look at what you need to know about the Madden release date for 2014, so you are ready to buy Madden 15 as soon as it arrives on store shelves.

Madden 15 & Madden Ultimate Team Edition

If you aren’t pre-ordering you will find two versions on the Madden release, including a more expensive special edition that adds extra features.

Madden 15 is the regular version, available for $59.99. This includes $10 in Ultimate Team free in-game items to help you build your team up faster.

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There is also Madden 15 Ultimate or Madden 15 Ultimate Team edition. This is $69.99 and includes $40 in in-game items to help users build a better team without buying Madden Ultimate Team pro packs later in the game. You get 30 Pro Packs and a Draft Class pack or pick.

Madden Release Day Digital Downloads

For users that don’t plan to trade in Madden 15 and don’t want to switch discs to play, there is a digital version for sale on the same Madden release date for disks. You can buy the standard and special edition as a digital download.

The games are available at midnight, but you still need to download the game before you can play and sometimes this is midnight Pacific, which is a three hour delay for most of the country.

The Madden release on digital and disc is the same, and both are available at midnight, but time zones can hurt digital downloads for some.

The Madden release on digital and disc is the same, and both are available at midnight, but time zones can hurt digital downloads for some.

On PlayStation users can pre-load most games by pre-ordering and downloading the day before. Madden 15 would then unlock at midnight on the Madden release day ready for users to play on the PS4. Sony started offering a Eastern unlock for The Last of Us Remastered, so we may see this on Madden 15 as well.

For the Xbox One, gamers will need to wait and buy the game at midnight and download it as well. This is midnight Pacific, so anyone on Eastern time needs to wait a long time.

Madden 15 Demo Ahead of Release

Although there is no confirmation of a Madden 15 demo we expect that EA will continue to offer gamers a way to try the new features well before the Madden release date.

History suggests you will be able to play a Madden 15 demo about two weeks before the full Madden release date. This means on August 12th we could see a Madden 15 demo for Xbox and PlayStation.

No Wii U Madden Release

There is no Madden release for Nintendo. That means you’ll be disappointed if you look for a Wii U Madden 15 release this year.

EA Sports did not offer a Wii U version of Madden 25 last year and does not plan to offer a Wii U Madden game in 2015 based on any public comments.

Lots of new Madden Features

When the Madden release arrives gamers will finally get a new experience worthy of the PS4 and Xbox One, at least that’s what EA is hyping right now. Here’s a look at some of the new Madden 15 features that we’ll see in addition tot a revamped Madden Ultimate Team mode that fixes contract annoyances and other problems from Madden 25.

  • Better Defense – New zone and man coverage with smarter players.
  • Player Sense 2.0 – better contextual awareness, head tracking and reach tackles from smarter players.
  • War in the Trenches 2.0 – Use finesse or power to get past the defensive line and grab a sack.
  • Improved Tackling Mechanic – All new tackling to deliver a vastly superior defense.
  • Pass Inaccuracy – Quarterbacks come with a inaccuracy rating that comes into play when they are under pressure.
  • The Gauntlet – Test your skills with tough challenges based on millions of players.

EA Sports offers more info on each of these Madden 15 features.

Madden Release at Midnight in Select Stores

We know there will be a midnight Madden release at select stores. This includes some Best Buy locations and likely 24 hour stores like Walmart and Target. We could also see GameStop midnight Madden release events as well.

These will not be as widespread as games like GTA 5 or Destiny, but there will still be many places to go for a Midnight Madden release, especially in bigger cities.

Play Before the Madden Release on Xbox One

Play before the Madden release with EA Access.

Play before the Madden release with EA Access.

If you want to play Madden 15 before the Madden release date you need an Xbox One and EA Access. EA Access is a new subscription service that lets gamers play new EA games up to five days early and play older games free as part of the $5 a month or $30 a year subscription. This includes Madden 25 as a full game and early access to Madden 15.

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This is only available on the Xbox One, and it also includes a 10% discount on the Madden 15 digital versions and in-game purchases as well.

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