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Having content that you enjoy available when you’re mobile can fill lots of downtime.  Mygazines, a web site that features complete print magazines and articles, can keep you entertained for hours.  According to their web site, Mygazines offers unlimited magazine articles that readers are free to browse, share, and archive.  Articles and complete magazines are uploaded by members of the Mygazines community.  Membership is free, but requires an email address for membership.  The site also features brochures and catalogue content.  The magazines shared on the site appear as a scanned image embedded in a flash object that you navigate like a real magazine.  A magnifying glass allows you to zoom in on a section of the magazine’s page to read a column, examine an image, or get the scoop on the fine print.  A convenient search feature allows you to find articles or magazines that you read frequently.  Click here for a tour of what Mygazines offers.

Here are a few additional magazine links for your reading pleasure:

For a more traditional approach, check out, a site that links to many popular print magazine’s web sites.

The Internet Public Library (IPL) features many links to journals, magazines, and e-zines.

UPDATE:  As many of our readers have pointed out in the comments, there is currently quite a buzz about whether the magazine service provided by is legal.  Much like the early days of YouTube, copyrighted content is finding its way onto the Mygazines site left and right.  The Mygazines terms of use explicitly requires uploaders to have purchased, created, or have the ability to legally and freely distribute material.  Time and legal action will determine what direction the Mygazines community will travel.  Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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