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MagSkin Turns the Back of Your iPhone Into a Magnet



Imagine being able to stick your iPhone on any magnetic surface and have it stay there.

The MagSkin for the iPhone and iPad can turn your fridge, filing cabinet, car or any other metal surface into an iPhone mount.

Best of all, MagSkin is a thin skin that sticks to the back of an iPhone or iPad so there’s no bulky case and no need for docking adapters all over your house.

The MagSkin is a new KickStarter project that offers a better skin option than the traditional skins which only offer a design or a new color.

The magnetic skin offers an impressive amount of hold. In the video below The MagSkin keeps an iPhone in place as an oven door is opened and bounced with the iPhone facing the floor.

The MagSkin adds less than 1mm of thickness to the iPhone or iPad and comes in a variety of colors including a special heat sensitive KickStarter option.

The skins are strong enough to keep the iPad or iPhone connected to a fridge or other ferrous material. The skin can be removed from the iPhone without leaving residue much like other iPhone skins on the market.

Magskin on fridge

MagSkin can hold the iPhone or iPad to a fridge or other surface.

The skin leaves an opening for the flash and the camera on the rear of the device.

Possible uses include keeping your calendar or a recipe at hand on the fridge in the kitchen, tidying up counters and desks and for making FaceTime video calls. If you can find a magnetic surface with an edge, I’d bet you could stick the iPhone to it with the rear camera poking over for a makeshift tripod.

In addition to the skin, MagSkin offers magnetic “docks” that stick to any non metallic surface so you can dock your smartphone there.


The Magskin for the iPad, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

The MagSkin will be available for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and the iPad at launch, with an option to order an iPhone 5 model as a KickStarter backer. The iPhone 5 model will deliver 2-3 weeks after the iPhone 5 launch.

This is a brilliant idea, and one I think a lot of iPhone owners will love, especially those who don’t like to use a case. The skin will offer a little bit of protection for the back of the iPhone if it is dropped.

The KickStarter reward levels stat at $10 for a MagSkin without a color choice, and $13 for a color preference. The MagSkin KickStarter project runs through August 11th.


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