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MailShadow Aims To Push Gmail and Outlook Together



Cemaphore %007C Email Continuity and Exchange Migration for Exchange-2Everyone is always looking for the perfect email solution and there are many out there, but I don’t think anyone has discovered a perfect one yet, especially for those of us who rely on mutliple devices. Sure a hosted exchange solution can work, or you can use GMail’s iMap solution. But there has to be some better way to tie all of that together between the desktop and the cloud.

Well, Cemaphore Systems may not solve all of the woes, but it is aiming to tie GMail and Outlook together, according to an article in The New York Times. Supposedly a new service, MailShadow for Google Apps, will allow users to automatically sync email, calendar, and address books between Microsoft’s Outlook and GMail. This is done through a secure backup (Cemaphore Systems specializes in e-mail backup services). MailShadow launched today in Beta. (Naturally.)

The interesting bit of news here, is that apparently this could allow users to ditch Exchange and still use Outlook as their email interface. Of course this is yet another move, albeit by a third party, in the continuing battle between Microsoft and Google for the Enterprise sector and the hearts and minds of email users everywhere with dreams of the cloud.


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