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Main Stream Journalists Starting To Sing A Different UMPC Tune



Recent developments in the Ultra-Moible PC scape seem to have had an effect on a few mainstream tech media folk and they are starting to sing a slighly different tune about the smaller devices.

David DeJean of Information Week has done a 180 in an article entitled, “OK, So I Was Wrong About Origami.” What seems to have turned his head are the newer devices just being announced (mostly from WinHEC), especially the 5 inch screen models and he credits Microsoft for extending their Origami definition to cover the smaller screens. He also seems to now “get it” that Origami wasn’t a product but a concept. Here’s a quote:

The hardware is simply adorable, and, as WinHEC has proved, Microsoft has continued to work on Origami. It wasn’t Microsoft that got Origami wrong a year ago, it was us in the computer press. We thought Origami was a product. It wasn’t. Origami was Microsoft’s take on what devices smaller than notebook PCs and larger than cellphones might look like. It turns out they don’t look much like Origami, but they do work well with Microsoft’s OS. And that means this week was only the beginning. I’m going to be hearing a lot more about Origami after all.

And everybody’s favorite tech curmudgeon, The Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg, looks like he might be coming around, although he hasn’t quite done a 180 yet. His gaze as shifted a bit thanks to the new Samsung Q1 Ultra and of course his focus in on the new split keyboard and he still sees limitations in the product but gives kudos to Samsung. He doesn’t think it is a mainstream device just yet.


Mossberg sets the tone for many in the mainstream media pack, so it will be interesting to see how many other MSM folks follow is lead in the months to come.

Hat tip to Marc Orchant on Mossberg column.


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