Making Page Templates in OneNote 2007
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Making Page Templates in OneNote 2007



OneNote Template Ink Notetaking Folks are always finding better ways to personalize their notetaking experience in OneNote – from notebook and section organization, to scanning, to using templates, etc.

David Rasmussen, of Microsoft’s OneNote team, has passed along a good tip for creating a page template from a picture, and then making that page template a default for a given section.

One of the fun and productive things I’ve done to speed up my tablet pc notetaking in OneNote, was to create a template based in ink on how I prefer to take notes for given meeting types. To do this, I started with a blank template, inked all the basics: title, regarding, attending, and created some ink based vertical separation lines for general notes and important things I needed to follow up on. Once I was happy with the layout, I saved it as a template by going to the New Page drop down, More Template Choices, and chose to save current page as a template. From there, it is now available to me to set as a default template for sections, or apply as a template on-the-fly.

Using David’s tip and my tip from above, the flexibility exists within OneNote to create custom templates for the kind of notetaking you are doing at the moment or for a given template: set one style for taking notes in college, set another for taking notes in church, and another for general meeting notes.

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