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Making The Most Out Of Your Tablet PCs Battery Life



Barry Doyle of has posted a pretty thorough How-To about getting the most out of your Tablet PCs battery life, which is always a concern for many. Here’s a snippet from his conclusion:

In Summary – Final Thoughts

  • Calibrate a new battery
  • Keep your battery away from heat or extreme cold
  • Properly store your battery when unused
  • Charge your battery regularly
  • Recalibrate your battery regularly or as needed

The section on calibrating your new battery is a key one, and one that anxious new users usually bypass in their desire to get up and running. Whenever I read or hear talks about improving battery life I am reminded of the wisdom of WNewquay who constantly reminded Tablet PC Buzz users that we need to be in the mind-frame where we think of batteries as consumables.

In addition to the standard acronym of RTFM about reading manuals, perhaps we should add a new one to the lexicon– CYFB. You figure it out.  

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