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Mango Ripens on AT&T on 9/27 for Windows Phone Owners



September 27 will be the magical days for eager Windows Phone 7 owners on AT&T‘s network as the carrier is poised to release the Mango software update to a number of smartphones starting on that date and continuing through October depending on the specific device you own. According to WP Central, which has obtained a series of email conversations between Microsoft executives and a tipster that wishes to remain anonymous, the Samsung Focus, HTC Surround, and LG Quantum will begin getting their updates in September while the HTC HD7S will have the Mango update arrive in mid-October.

The bad news is that the Samsung Focus’s update will be split up. Depending on which hardware revision you have, your update may come at the end of September or at the end of October.

Here’s the full breakdown:

On September 27, these phones will be updated to Mango:

  • HTC Surround (SKU 65212)
  • LG Quantum (SKU 65205)
  • Samsung Focus (SKU 65203) Rev. 1.3

In mid-October, the HTC HD7S will get its Mango update

At the end of October, the Samsung Focus (rev. 1.4) will be updated.

The update procedure will require Windows Phone 7 owners to connect their devices to the Zune desktop software.



  1. Dennisvjames

    09/23/2011 at 4:24 pm

    where do I find the version number in the Focus phone?

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