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Mapfactor GPS Navigation Software Reviewed



mapfactor Folks looking for another GPS solution for their ultra-mobile pc’s or tablet pcs should take a look Mapfactor PC Navigator 7.

Mavin Hlavac of has written up a review, and has come away quite impressed. Give it a read!

Mapfactor uses map data by Teleatlas. Teleatlas and Navteq are the two largest map data providers in the world. The quality of their maps are not too much different these days. Some users feel Teleatlas has a slight edge in Europe, and some say Navteq is still a bit better in North America.
Mapfactor Navigator has been designed for users of touch screens (PocketPC PDA, and PND). UMPC and TabletPC users with touch-screens will love this program, but how about people who rely on their keyboards? The PC version does have some keyboard shortcuts, such as Enter-key for accessing main menu, and PgUp and PgDn to change zoom levels. Tab-key cycles though buttons in some windows. I wish more shortcuts would be added in future versions.

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