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MapiCases Soli Leather iPad mini Case Review



MapiCases specializes in high-quality leather cases for tablets and smartphones. The Soli Leather iPad mini folio style case comes at a premium price, but offers premium feel and premium leather that won’t leave fans of classic leather enclosures disappointed.

Out of the box, the glossy feel of the Soli Leather iPad mini case can surprise. Premium leather is usually something that feels soft and has an earthy texture. The Soli Leather iPad mini case feels like stiff vinyl. But the case looks fantastic because of the glossy finish.

mapicases soli leather ipad mini case

Once we got used to the idea of shiny leather, the case grew on us. The stiff material should hold up over a long time and handle plenty of wear. Using it over time will also soften the leather and only add character over time.

mapicases soli leather ipad mini case soft bag

The soft bag that came with the Soli Leather iPad mini case gives it an extra layer of protection. It’s not something that seems we’d use too much but it’s a classy touch.

mapicases soli leather ipad mini top edge

The handcrafted case fits the iPad mini snuggly. It takes some work to insert the iPad mini into the case and get it to sit just right inside. Since most people don’t take their iPad case off much, this shouldn’t cause problems. It also means the iPad doesn’t jostle about in the case. Potential buyers should keep this in mind if they do like to remove their case often.

mapicases soli leather ipad mini top edge


Once inside we could reach all the iPad’s ports, buttons and camera without issue. The mute/rotation lock switch sits a little too close to the cutout edge, but it we could still flip the switch.

The cover includes a flap that inserts into a loop on the back of the case. We prefer cases that hold their cover in place using the magnets in the iPad. We found the flap annoying to release or insert. It’s just a little too tight. That’s a good thing when the user inserts the flap to keep the case in stand mode, though. The flap won’t slide out, so the stand function remains stable.

Still, it does get in the way while holding the iPad mini.

mapicases soli leather ipad mini top edge

The cover does wake the iPad from sleep when opened, thanks to the magnets. It also folds back to create the stand that sits at two angles. One is for typing and the other for viewing. The cover holds two firm pieces of material to protect the screen. This allows for a groove between them. The cover folds to put the case in stand mode. A soft lining inside the cover protects the screen from scratches.

mapicases soli leather ipad mini open

Take the annoying closure flap off this case and we would like it more. That tiny annoyance diminished our enjoyment of the MapiCases Soli Leather iPad mini case enough to keep it off our list of highly recommended cases. At $120 direct from MapiCases a buyer will need to think carefully before buying one. We realize that the issue with the flap is a preference issue, but we’d love to see them make a case without it. We’re guessing it would become one of our favorites.

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