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Mapping your mind – Again!



Okay — I admit it. 

“I am a MindManager addict, and am not afraid to say it”.

Okay, I said it, but if there is a cure, I don’t want it.  Welcome to another MindManager InkShow! If you have been around for long, you may remember that one of the first InkShows we did was a quick intro to MindJet’s MindManager.  Remember the tire swing?  No?  Then you should go to this previous InkShow link and watch it.  Why you say?  Because it is a precursor to this InkShow, and they together will teach you a lot about this application.  There is some duplication, but not much.  I titled this one MindManager “Revisited”, because it contains another, more detailed look than the original one.  In the original, I talked a good bit about the actual process of using a mind mapping tool like MindManager, and spent just a bit of time on the Tablet PC functionality.  This time I went the other way.  I spent much more time talking about the how to on the Tablet PC than the mind mapping concept.

MindJet has done a great job on this product.  It is rich in Tablet PC support, and clearly shows a well thought out approach to adding tablet capability to an app that already existed and was successful in it’s own right.  The use of ink, gestures, object manipulating, sketching, etc., the list goes on.  In this InkShow, I try and hit it all a bit.  Give this a “look see”, and see how it all works, then download a trial and get addicted!

Enjoy the show.

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