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March Madness Streaming: How to Watch NCAA Tournament Live



The 2016 NCAA tournament is in full swing and thousands of users are looking for the best way to watch March Madness streaming offerings to see the NCAA tournament at home, at work and on the go.

Even if you don’t have a cable subscription there are several  great options to let you watch March Madness live so you don’t miss your favorite games.

Fans cannot get enough of the 2016 NCAA tournament and that demand is pushing the March Madness Live, CBS Sports and ESPN Tournament Challenge apps to the top of the charts in App Stores.

Odds are good that you can’t work from a sports bar to watch March Madness live this year, but you can watch almost every game in the NCAA tournament live on your iPhone, iPad, Android or Amazon Fire tablet. There is even an option to watch March Madness live on Apple TV.

Here is what you need to know about the March Madness Live apps that you need to install to get the most out of watching the NCAA tournament. We’ll also show you an easy way to check the NCAA tournament schedule and scores.

What you need to watch the March Madness live stream and follow the 2016 NCAA tournament from anywhere.

What you need to watch the March Madness live stream and follow the 2016 NCAA tournament from anywhere.

The official March Madness Live app is free for the iPhone, iPad, Amazon Fire, Android and Windows. This app lets you watch March Madness live on your phone, tablet or even on your computer.

With this free app you can watch the CBS March Madness games live without a cable subscription, but you will need to login to see some games. Check the NCAA Tournament schedule to see what games are on CBS. For the games on TNT, TBS and TruTV, you will need to log in and verify your information with a cable or satellite company. You can watch three hours free before you login.

With these apps you can stream March Madness live to your Apple TV with AirPlay or to a Chromecast to watch on a bigger screen.

New this year is a free Apple TV March Madness app that offers live streaming of the TNT, TBS and truTV games. There is no option to watch CBS on the March Madness Apple TV app, so you’ll need to use AirPlay to watch most games on your Apple TV.

What you need to know about watching March Madness live on Apple TV.

What you need to know about watching March Madness live on Apple TV.

You can also check the NCAA tournament scores and schedules, including which channel the game is on from inside the March Madness Live app.

CBS Sports is another popular March Madness app. This offers brackets, a look at the NCAA Tournament schedule and push notifications for your favorite teams. The CBS Sports app is the best way to look at the NCAA Tournament schedule on your phone or tablet.

Chris Brantner at Cut Cable Today shares a reminder that PlayStation Vue offers all four March Madness channels. This means you can find March Madness streaming on PS4, but there are some catches. You’ll need to live in the right place to get access to the live streaming. Check out this PS Vue review for more.

You can also click play below to listen to March Madness games live, right from your browser. And you can use the TuneIn app to listen from almost any mobile device. Here’s more on how to listen to March Madness games free.

Another popular app is the ESPN Tournament Challenge app that lets users create and check their NCAA brackets as the tournament progresses. These are the most popular apps, but there is one more that users should check out if they are looking for a March Madness live stream without a cable subscription.

Sling TV includes TBS, TNT and truTV as part of the streaming service, which makes it a tempting option for cord cutters that want to watch the NCAA tournament live on almost any device. This doesn’t include CBS games so you will still need the March Madness Live app.

Use Sling Tv to watch March Madness live on TNT and TBS with a free trial.

Use Sling Tv to watch March Madness live on TNT and TBS with a free trial.

For any user there is a free seven day trial, but if you own an Xbox One you can sign up on that device and get a 14 days of Sling TV free, which means you can watch most of the NCAA Tournament live without paying anymore than you already are. After you sign up on the Xbox One you can download the Sling TV app on your other devices and watch mobile as well.

For users without a Xbox One, it is only $20 a month for Sling TV after the free seven-day trial, which is still a good deal to watch the rest of the March Madness games live from almost anywhere.



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