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Mark Cuban Needs a Tablet PC



Mark Cuban says he has forgotten how to write.

I literally couldn’t take notes fast enough because as I wrote, I realized I couldn’t read my own writing. Not only could I not read my own writing, when I tried to slow down so that everything would be legible, I realized that actually writing each letter as part of a complete word was actually difficult

I had forgotten how to write. Sure i could fight it out by going slowly. Very slowly. But any skills I had that used to enable me to quickly write what I was hearing or what my thoughts were, had left me.

I think he needs to get his hands on a Tablet PC. Even my hen scratch can be deciphered and searched on a Tablet PC running OneNote 2007.

Oh, and in case you don’t know what OneNote 2007 is, it is the super secret killer application from Microsoft that allows you to take and file notes. You don’t need a Tablet PC to work with OneNote 2007, but the Inking ability makes for a great note taking application. But remember, keep it quiet. It is super secret. Microsoft doesn’t want anyone to know it exists.


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