Martin Scorcese Thinks Siri is “Going Places”

Apple continues its series of celebrity Siri ads with famed director Martin Scorcese.

Apple’s latest ad features the director of Taxi Driver in the back of a taxi in New York City asking Siri about his day. Scorcese uses the service to move around his appointments at first. He also uses Siri to find out where his friend Rick is with Find My Friends. To our knowledge, this is the first time Apple showed off the service in a national ad.

Scorcese also uses Siri to check the traffic downtown. Apple cleverly doesn’t show the screen with a traffic report so the ad can run now when all users have Google Maps, and later when iOS 6 launches and we have Apple Maps instead.

The only part that confuses us about the ad is that it uses the AT&T logo at the end. If Scorcese was really using Siri on AT&T in downtown or midtown Manhattan he’d have a bit of trouble getting Siri to respond. Although, the iPhone 4S in the ad shows “3G” instead of “4G” so it likely isn’t an AT&T iPhone.

It’s not a bad ad, and is certainly better than the Zooey Deschanel Siri ad. These celebrity ads are a great way to show off Siri while also putting some arguably unnecessary star power behind the iPhone 4S. Even if Apple doesn’t need the celebrity endorsement, these ads are a bit better than a disembodied voice extolling the features of Siri.

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