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Marvel Contest of Champions Tips & Tricks



For as long as most of us can remember, the fighting game has been a mainstream part of video games. Before online first person shooters like Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and adventures games like Assassin’s Creed: Unity, there was Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. The iPhone has a very popular themed fighting game of its own: Marvel Contest of Champions.

Marvel Contest of Champions is a fighting game that combines two things people love. As a Marvel game, there are more superheroes in the first 15 minutes of Marvel Contest of Champions than even a Marvel summer movie. Second, players can collect their favorite super heroes to build a squad able to take down the most difficult of bosses and other players online.

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Here’s what you need to know about Marvel Contest of Champions before you dive in and some tips and tricks after you’ve already started building out your extensive team of super heroes & villains.

Marvel Contest of Champions Tips & Tricks – Mastering the Combos

If you’ve ever played a fighting game on your computer or video game console, chances are you know that they are deceptively simple at first. Essentially, there’s a button for blocking attacks, another for launching attacks and a third for jumping. Marvel Contest of Champions has those, but you’ll need to pay close attention to what your fingers are doing and when.

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You’ll be playing Marvel Contest of Champions with the on-screen controls. Hold your finger on the left edge of your screen to block and attack. Swipe from the left edge to the right edge to quickly move around the level in that direct. Swipe from the right edge to the left edge to move quickly to the left and step out of harm’s way. Swiping quickly along the right side of the screen allows you to attack.

Go a few practice rounds in the game early on just to ensure that you have these controls down. Every move you make, every battle you win or lose is based on how well these simple techniques are mastered. You want to use as many combos as you possibly can. Don’t give your opponent the opportunity to land an attack and he won’t be able to fill his Special Attack meter and do heavy damage to you. This technique will come in handy a lot when you start taking on characters in the game’s built-in multiplayer.

Marvel Contest of Champions Tips & Tricks – Mind Your Meters

The point of a fighting game is to deplete the opponent’s hit meter as quickly as possible without giving him the opportunity to do the same to you. The same is true in Marvel Contest of Champions but there’s a bit more to keep an eye on.

When in a fight there’s a meter at the top of your screen. Keep your eye on your hit meter and the hit meter of your opponent. You’re looking for any opportunity to deplete the other meter, but you want to make sure you aren’t leaving yourself too vulnerable and risking your own. Second, down bottom is a special attack meter that fills up as you successfully land hits on your opponent. When the meter turns green, tap the button beside it to launch a devastating attack.

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Another meter you should keep your eye on as a Marvel Contest of Champions player is the health meter for each character. Say you’re about to send in Spider-Man and another recruit for your team on one of the game’s story Quests. You want to make sure that he has enough health to survive who he’s going to face in the quest. The last meter you’ll want to watch is your level meter. You want your characters leveled up as much as you can. Having the same level character as your opponent makes it much more likely that you’ll win since you have upgraded attacks and health.

Marvel Contest of Champions Tips & Tricks – Units

As you unlock new areas in the game world you’ll get new parts of the story and the opportunity to pick up new Champions and add them to your roster. You’ll also notice yourself earning a few Units. Units are for purchasing different extras in the Unit Store.

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Visiting the Unit Store for the first time is an exercise in personal restraint. There are add-ons for leveling up your character faster and picking up tons of gold to help you in your efforts. The game frequently holds sales on entire packages of items that include potions, upgrade materials and a new character. For example, this week’s is Dead Pool. If you’re stuck in the game you definitely want to keep your eye out for Unit Store items that can assist you in your quest.

Good luck mastering the game. Marvel Contest of Champions is available free in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

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1 Comment

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