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Massive Street Fighter 5 Beta Problems Rain on Release



With Street Fighter 5 beta problems mounting and a contingent of PS4 users all upset, it seems video game developer Capcom has ceded defeat to the issues plaguing the game. Yesterday Capcom confirmed that it was indefinitely postponing the Street Fighter 5 Beta for PS4 users.

Capcom’s post acknowledging the series Street Fighter 5 beta problems users began reporting came on its Capcom Unity blog. The post makes it clear that the Street Fighter beta is off for now and won’t return until they’ve managed to handle whatever the issue causing all the problems is.


“Capcom offers its sincerest apologies to everyone who participated in this first beta test. While the purpose of a beta is to work out these type of issues, it was very clear that the issues we faced were more severe than we were prepared for.”

The studio says that it kept the game running even though users were reporting serious Street Fighter 5 problems because it wanted to continue to collect data about user’s issues. It wasn’t until those issues started affected the majority of Street Fighter 5 beta players that the company decided it was time to pull the plug. Capcom isn’t saying when the Street Fighter 5 beta will begin again, or if the company even has plans for another this calendar year. The developer does say that it’ll kick off the first beta again when it has determined that everyone will have a great experience.

Originally, Capcom and PS4 maker Sony revealed that the Street Fighter 5 beta would consist of three rounds. In exchange for pre-ordering the PS4 version of the game despite it not being available in stores until next year users got beta participation codes. With that in mind, it’s very important that Capcom still deliver on its promises of three betas with the exact amount of playable time that it promised users early on.

This first Street Fighter 5 beta won’t count toward the overall total of beta users will get. There’s still three waves coming. What’s more, Capcom says it’s working on an in-game reward for users who tried to wait out this beta attempt, hoping that it’d improve over time. Capcom’s post ends with an apology and promise for more information about the new Street Fighter 5 beta in the future.

That Street Fighter 5 beta is a crucial highlight of Sony’s offerings this year. Wisely, Sony locked don the console launch of Street Fighter 5 to its PS4 gaming console. When it arrives it’ll be a showcase, a piece of bait that the company hopes will lure even more buyers away from Microsoft’s Xbox One and toward the PS4. That the beta, which was hotly anticipated by fighting game enthusiasts, fell apart is exactly what Sony and Capcom don’t need ahead of launch. With very high-profile multiplayer meltdowns happening about once a year, gamers seem very willing to skip any title that they think won’t work correctly at a launch. Anyone who pre-ordered the digital version of Street Fighter 5 through the PlayStation Network can’t get their money back. GameStop and most retailers do allow you to cancel pre-orders.

Already, the outrage from gamers who spent money on purchasing a digital copy of the game just to get into the Street Fighter 5 beta are fuming. One commenter has taken to the site to repeatedly bash the company for its botched rollout and all the Street Fighter 5 beta problems. That user is in the minority though. The consensus from other users is that Capcom should take the time it needs address the Street Fighter 5 beta issues before continuing.

The finished version of Street Fighter 5 will arrive on store shelves sometime in 2016. GameStop still has physical versions of the game ready for pre-order on its website and in stores for $59.99.

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