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MathJournal 2.1 released



Just got this in from xThink, announcing the release of MathJournal 2.1. MathJournal is available for $249, with student pricing for $119. Stay tuned for some xThink contests.

Check out these new features:

Enhancements in MathJournal 2.1:

  • Easier installation for Windows Vista
    Simplified installation for administrator and non-administrator users.
  • Support for Pegasus Mini-Note Taker
    Brings pen-based math to desktop and laptop computers!
  • Export as Web Page option
    Post your MathJournal work to the Internet or email to friends and colleagues!
  • 2D Plot Grid
    Better visualization of plots!
  • LaTeX output
    A second option (besides MathML) for rendering your hand-written math in typeset format!

MathJournal Multimedia offers the following unique features, which Educators will use to enhance the math curriculum:

  • Sound control to embed audio messages in a MathJournal file
  • Movie control to embed videos in a MathJournal file
  • Export to Microsoft Outlook to send an HTML version of the MathJournal workspace directly to email.
  • “Open” item in the popup menu of the Text control to open Web pages, file paths, or launch commands directly from the MathJournal workspace.
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