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Matt Miller Joins MobileTech Roundup Podcast



MotrlogoI’m remiss in blogging this bit of Mobile News. I’m a big fan of the MobileTech Roundup Podcast and have been since it was the TechAddiction Show. James Kendrick and Kevin Tofel not only bring good info and insight to the show, but are hilarious. With Dave Ciccone leaving, I was sure it would still be a great podcast, and with the news that Matt Miller has joined up with jk and Kevin, I’m sure it will be even more of a must listen. One great benefit to UMPC users is that like Kevin, Matt is a UMPC/Origami user and in his first show he talks about how he uses his Samsung Q1 during his work day. Needless to say I’m subscribed and I think you should be too.

Check out the show info and subscribe here.

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