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Matt Miller Shifts In To Overdrive With Detail HTC Shift Review



We posted yesterday about Matt Miller’s first-look review of the new Sprint-equipped HTC Shift. In this latest installment, Matt goes in to much more detail about this much anticipated UMPC.

His closing thoughts:

The Shift would really have had to blow me out of the water to come up with US$1500 and it did not. There are definitely some impressive and unique aspects (SnapVUE), but too many issues prevent me from making the commitment and then paying US$60 a month for Sprint’s service (coverage is too spotty in Puget Sound where I work and live). I don’t think ultra portables really have to have huge hard drives since they are companion devices, but they do need to have long battery life or IMHO the device is no longer an ultra portable. This is one reason I got rid of my Samsung Q1 last year and another major reason I love my Fujitsu U810 with 5+ battery life.

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