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Matt Miller’s Look Ahead on the iPhone/Palm Pre Wars



Matt MillerMatt Miller is a wonder. When he decides to delve into an issue, he does so with depth and clarity, and it usually results in a lengthy article that is well worth hanging on to. This time around he’s applied his usual approach to taking a look at what he calls Clash of the Touch Titans; iPhone 3.0 vs. The Palm-Pre.

Matt is looking ahead to these hotly anticipated releases and offering users some of his views and opinions based on what he knows now (and he knows quite a bit.) Well worth a read.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Joe

    03/24/2009 at 11:36 am

    He has a few very small details off, but overall it’s a good comparison.

    Mostly, when he’s talking about Pre third party applications. He says we haven’t seen any of them. Well, there’s been screenshots of Sprint Navigation (which is just a branded version of Telenav), they’ve shown the Amazon Music Store, and while they haven’t shown it, they’ve announced that Pandora will be available on it as well.

    Besides that, while they didn’t really show too much of the app store, (a few videos they went into the store for just a few seconds, didn’t even search for anything… I assume it was unfinished at the time), they DO have a name for it, it’ll be the App Catalog.

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