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Matt’s 2008 List of Predictions



I’ll add my thoughts into the 2008 guessing game:

  • We will still be waiting at the end of 2008 for another Tablet PC with dedicated graphics card (I really hope this one is wrong)
  • InkSeine will jump up to the top of many ‘must have’ Tablet PC application
  • Apple will come out with a Newton replacement
  • Eee PC style machine will be coming out of the woodwork
  • More laptops will incorporate ‘touch’ without a swiveling screen – just touch on a normal laptop
  • With the move of more people on Mac’s, there will be an increase in virus attacks on that platform
  • Slate UMPC and Slate Tablet PC’s will become fewer in number of offerings as more with keyboards are introduced
  • Kindle will be forgotten about soon into 2008
  • iPhone will get 3G and Exchange Sync
    • I will purchase an iPhone after 3G and Exchange support
  • There will be 8 new Tablet PC’s released this year
    • Most new Tablet PC releases will be a refresh with a new Intel package
  • N-Trig will be a contender in the Tablet PC space after positive reviews of their offerings
  • MID will become the new UMPC
  • Linux will be offered on more systems from OEM’s
  • We will still be complaining about battery life
  • Google will come out with more cool ‘cloud’ applications
    • Something will happen, either an Internet outage, data loss… something for people to question the idea of not having a local copy of their data/photos/information




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