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Medion UMPC?



MedionCame across this in my feed from Engadget.  Is German based Medion working on releasing a new Ultra-Mobile PC?  Here is what Engadget had to say about it:

“All we’ve got to go on here is a grainy scan from some Medion press materials being handed out at IFA, but if this new MD RIM 1000 UMPC proves to be for reals we’ll have another welcome contestant in the slide-out keyboard space — which is where we’ve been at all along when it comes to UMPCs. The specs aren’t bad neither, with a 6.5-inch touchscreen, 802.11b/g WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0, onboard GPS, DVB-T tuner and webcam. In fact, if this thing manages to weigh less than thirty pounds and cost less than twenty grand we’re pretty sure Medion has got themselves a winner — or should at least be able to give Sony’s UX and Averatec’s forthcoming AHI a bit of competition.”

Nothing known about OS yet.  Will it have the Tablet OS or support tablet in Vista?  Touchscreen is nice, but active digitizer would be nice as well!  Actually auto sensing would be best!

Having just recently spent some time with Rob’s Sony UX180p, I can agree that the slideout keyboard is a great option.  I could not personally get used to using it, the keys did not have enough feedback for me, but as this form factor continues to improve it holds a lot of promise!

If anyone finds out more on this unit, let us know via!

Original Engadget source:

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