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MeeGo UI Demonstrated on a Tablet



It looks like the MeeGo user interface, probably sans Nokia’s secret sauce, was captured on a video highlighting some of the menus, home screens, the mobile Fennec (Firefox) browser. Some of design looks like they have been ported over from the Maemo 5 experience from the N900, but for the most part the icons and experience got a nice refresh. Also, from the Maemo 5 OS, we have an excellent multitasking engine.

It’d be interesting to see what Nokia delivers on top of the standard OS. The company recently said that there was a market for a design paradigm like that of Windows Phone 7, an OS designed for mobile by Microsoft. For Windows Phone 7, Microsoft says that they want users to spend less time on their phones with a more efficient experience–highlighted through the Metro UI with live tiles–and more time getting back into their lives. Whether Nokia will be headed that route is unclear, but it seems that the company wants to think outside the box and move away from standard widgets and home screens.

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