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Meek Mill Presents Bike Life: 5 Things to Know



Meek Mill Presents Bike Life is a new game that arrives right in time for the new Meek Mill album Dreams Worth More Than Money. This is a free endless runner style game that lets users ride a bike through the city. Here’s what you need to know about the new Meek Mill Bike Life game, including accusations that Meek Mill Presents Bike Life is racist.

Meek Mill Presents Bike Life is free on iPhone, iPad and Android and it is available now. The gameplay is easy to pick up and you won’t need to play through a lot of tutorials to figure out the goal of this game.

Here is a very quick look at what you need to know about the Meek Mill Presents Bike Life game, including the current controversy over the gameplay.

What is Meek Mill Presents Bike Life?

Meek Mill Bike Life is a game, but it is also the title of a short film that the Philadelphia based rapper released back in 2012.

In the game you ride a motor bike through Philly dodging traffic and avoiding the police. The controls are simple and there is no real end to the game, as it is an endless rider. The game play looks a lot like Subway Surfers.

Each time you play you’ll run into different obstacle placements and sometimes the challenge will increase faster than others.

You can download Meek Mill Presents Bike Life on iPhone or Android for free.

Is Meek Mill Presents Bike Life Racist?

If you look past the surface of the new Meek Mill game, you’ll find reviews arguing whether the Meek Mill Bike Life game is racist.

On iTunes, Bigbenf writes, “Not only is this game incredibly racist, it’s just terrible to play. The moving isn’t good, there’s too many ads, and you need way too much money for an upgrade.”

User jaeebae doesn’t see a problem adding to the conversation,

“This game is absolutely FINE. F-I-N-E. It’s just meek mill riding his bike avoiding other everyday cars and trucks that come down the road, that include: Cop Cars,Smart Cars, And Work Trucks. The people who are saying it’s racist is probably CAUCASIAN. Over thinking stuff like always. Apparently when a Caucasian shoots up a African-American Historical Church, It’s not Racist nor a problem, But when a famous rapper Tries to make more money by making an app, you all have a problem. Don’t take this as us Being racist because there’s no facts supporting it. We are supporting our culture by riding bikes like some of our family does in the streets. Now if this was a game with a Caucasian shooting and African-American it would’ve been fine, but now you complain. Smh”

You can play the game and decide for yourself if the game is racist, but as MiiLing points out, “No offense to Meek Mill, I love the music. But why would you make the game of you running from the police? But then again in Subway Surfers they are running from the police too.”

Meek Mill Bike Life In App Purchases

You can make in-app purchases in Meek Mill Presents Bike Life to upgrade your character and bike.

You can make in-app purchases in Meek Mill Presents Bike Life to upgrade your character and bike.

Meek Mill Presents Bike Life is a free game, but users can still pay for things with options to spend up to $89.99 on in app purchases that allow users to customize Meek Mill’s bike, outfit and user other upgrades.

The in-app  purchases start at 99 cents and go up to $89.99, but you don’t need to buy these to play the game. You can simply play and earn coins as you go if you don’t want to pay for upgrades.

On the iPhone you can use this guide to set up Family Sharing to limit in app purchases by kids on your account if you need control over these types of purchases.

Meek Mill Album and Meek Mill Bike Life

The Meek Mill Bike Life game is timed to the release of the Meek Mill Album, but it is not part of the album. You don’t need to buy #DWMTM to play Bike Life and while you play Bike Life you don’t get a free version of the Dreams Worth More Than Money album.

Meek Mill Bike Life Tips

Playing the game is simple, but if you want to earn more coins and last longer there are a few Meek Mill Bike Life tips and tricks to keep in mind. Plus we’ll show you a Meek Mills Presents Bike Life cheat or hack to rack up a longer run without crashing.

  1. Double Jump – Don’t forget to double jump to get past obstacles.
  2. Wheelies for Coins – Keep swiping down to pull off wheelies and get 100 coins when you fill up the meter.
  3. Complete Missions – This is an endless runner, but if you complete missions in the game on each run you get more coins.

You can use this Meek Mill Bike Life hack to go farther without crashing. The video below walks you through how to pull it off.

Beware of any downloads that promise Meek Mill Bike Life hacks for unlimited coins or diamonds, especially if they ask you to complete an offer before you download the hack.

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