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Meet the Canovo Dual-TouchScreen Tablet/Notebook



Remember this post by Matt on the Estaria, Inc V-2U tablet? If you ever thought that tablet PCs only came in two basic flavors (slate and convertible) you are not alone; but that may be about to change. I’m not quite sure what we should call it. It’s not a notebook, not a tablet,  hybrid reminds me of a wimpy car, what about “TabBook” or “SuperSlate” ?

Meet the Canovo dual-touch screen “superslate”. No, that’s not a keyboard you see attached to this system. It’s an image of a keyboard projected onto the lower of the dual touch sensitive displays. How cool is that? Imagine the possibilities that this concept presents. A 100% customizable keyboard for application specific needs when you need it; hot keys, specialized language support, special characters, etc. Work with graphics? OK… ditch the keyboard display and you can double up on the graphics real estate. If you work with graphics, CAD or GIS systems, you gotta love that possibility!

The Canovo is designed by V12 Design+Engineering in Italy and is currently reported to only be available in Italy and Australia.

Comparing the two, I wonder which concept came first. The Canovo or the V-2U. At the time of this post, it appears that the Canovo is still in the concept phase as I could find no published specs or pricing.

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