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Meet the Microsoft Folks Behind Multi-Touch



Microsoft’s Channel 9 has some good video of the folks behind Surface and Multi-Touch:

From Channel 9

MSR Cambridge is a hotbed of innovation. TabletPC, Machine Learning, Vision, F#, Generics, Software Transactional Memory to name only a few off the top of my head (yeah, I probably missed some bigger ones. It’s OK. You get the point…).

You’ve heard of the latest brainchild: MultiTouch (you’ve seen the YouTube video, I’d imagine…). But, you haven’t met all the characters involved with this intriguing invention (no, it’s not really related to Microsoft Surface and other highly sophisticated multi-touch technologies) and you’ve certainly not heard about what they’re currently working on or seen where they experiment and build this stuff.

Well, now you will. Meet the scientists behind MultiTouch; Shahram Izadi, Alex Butler, and Steve Hodges. Tune in and learn about the Who, What, How and Why behind MSR’s innovative MultiTouch. It’s pretty amazing and, surprisingly, not incredibly complicated technology. Find out all about it right here on Channel 9.

Thanks for the link, Loren

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