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Meizu MX First Smartphone with Quad-Core Processor?



Meizu, which got its notoriety as an Android iClone maker in the company’s early days, announced that its MX smartphone slated for a September launch will come with a quad-core CPU offering. If accurate, the higher-spec’ed 32 GB Android Meizu MX smartphone will be among the first on the market with a quad-core mobile processor.

It’s unclear who will be making the CPUs for the MX. Historically, Meizu has enjoyed a good working relationship with Samsung, but it’s unclear if Samsung could deliver a quad-core CPU in time for the release of the Meizu MX. Qualcomm‘s quad-core offerings may still be a while longer to bring to market, and in the past NVIDIA says that its quad-core Kal-el processor will be launching in tablets come Fall and that quad-core phones will be launching at a later date. It’s unclear if Meizu is utilizing quad-core CPUs for tablets in its phone, and if that’s the case, it’s also unclear what the implications will be for battery life given that tablets pack more battery power and can handle more powerful chips. Another option would be a multi-core Texas Instruments offering.

In addition toe re-vamped 32 GB quad-core smartphone, Meizu will also deliver a more modest dual-core MX smartphone with 16 GB of storage. Both devices will have a qHD display that measures 4-inch. The device will have a removable back cover, so at least you can swap out the battery if you need a spare.

Via: Engadget

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