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MetroPCS Drastically Changes Its 4G LTE Data Plans



MetroPCS has introduced some sweeping changes to its 4G LTE data plans today. The carrier will increase the cost of its unlimited 4G LTE data plan from $60 to $70 and it will also start throttling data on its other three 4G LTE data plan offerings. Those exceeding a specified data threshold will now be subject to 4G LTE speeds being slowed down to speeds found on the carrier’s 3G network.

Before today’s confirmation, courtesy of Fierce Wireless, MetroPCS charged $60 for unlimited voice, texting, data, email. That price is now been increased $70 for the same service.

The carrier’s new $60 LTE data plan will have a cap of 5GB and MetroPCS will also offer 2.5GB data plan set at $50 a month and a 250MB plan which will cost customers $40 per month.

MetroPCS Drastically Changes Its 4G LTE Data Plans

The $60 plan will come with a 5GB threshold while the 2.5GB plan will come with 1GB and the 250MB will check in with a 100MB limit.

MetroPCS is saying that this won’t be that big of a deal for most customers “because of the ‘always on’ nature of our 4G LTE network, the experience for the majority of what a customer does on a daily basis, like Facebook, web surfing, etc., should continue to be solid.”

However, as history has indicated, customers are weary of carrier data throttling, with some even taking carrier’s to court over the practice.

As it stands, MetroPCS has its network in 14 markets around the United States and while the network doesn’t get speeds on par with AT&T and Verizon, it’s still loads better than the speeds found on the carrier’s 3G network.

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