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Mi-Co and Logical Progression announce partnership for the healthcare industry



For those of you doing research into form collection systems, you have probably run across Mi-Co, Active Ink Software, and others. Automating forms is becoming a big business and is one of the most effective ways at cutting costs.

Mi-Co just announced a partnership with Logical Progression, a software company specializing in healthcare interfacing solutions. This partnership looks to be a total win-win for healthcare office wanting to utlize ink across their entire system.

From the Mi-Co press release:

Mi-Co, the mobile data capture company, and Logical Progression, a software company specializing in healthcare interfacing solutions, announced a multifaceted business and technology partnership that will bring HL7 interfacing and HIPAA compliant applications to the Tablet PC market.

With this partnership, Mi-Co will provide Logical Progression access to the full range of the capabilities within the Mi-Forms Software Platform. This includes the software development kit for building pen perfect healthcare applications for the Tablet PC. The development agreement also includes joint sales and marketing activities.

Logical Ink is a mobile data collection solution for healthcare that utilizes Tablet PC to help healthcare professionals save money, eliminate paper and capture “clean” data more quickly and easily. This ASP/smart-client solution combines Mi-Forms core technology with healthcare-friendly features such as support for quickly converting forms and creating validation rules, automating conditional form packets, HL7 interfacing, enterprise-level security and HIPAA/FDA compliant audit trail. Logical Ink customers are able to easily create an “electronic paper” version of their forms and extract data without redundant data entry or form scanning.

“We are excited about this partnership with Mi-Co and taking Logical Ink and Tablet PC to the healthcare enterprise,” said Chris Joyce, president of Logical Progression. “The industry has been begging for technology like this for years and now that Mi-Co has made handwriting recognition reliable and fast, we can build on their technology and truly provide an electronic solution that is better than paper. Our goal is to make Logical Ink the industry standard for patient data collection. “

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