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Mi-Co forms, and a Tablet/UMPC User event!



Mi-Co Corporation is no stranger to the Tablet PC and it’s capabilities. Their set of form design and processing applications is in use in many places.

We received this note today from Barrett Joyner at Mi-Co, asking us to share information about a Tablet PC related event. Here is what Barrett asked us to share:

“….I think I have something that would be of interest to some in your community. Our company, Mi-Co is holding our 4th annual digital ink user conference in late April in North Carolina. Our product, Mi-Forms is a forms design and digital ink data capture system being used in some interesting ways on Tablet PCs by the USDA (monitoring mad cow disease), hospitals (cardiology and diabetes programs), home health agencies. A number of these organizations will be giving presentations at the event. Since Lenovo is our gold sponsor, there will be a lot of tablet discussions (and being part of Microsoft’s launch of the UMPC at CeBIT we expect to have some of those units on display as well)……”.

So if you live in the North Carolina region, or are interested in this even, head over and check out the info on the Mi-Co website!

In addition, while there be sure and check out their software. They have downloadable trials, and a few flash demos of their software at work!






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