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CES 2014

Michael Bay Transforms Into a Bumbling Idiot Without a Script at CES



During Samsung‘s Press Conference at CES 2014 the company invited a few high profile names to take the stage, including the popular action filmmaker Michael Bay to talk about TVs, only it didn’t go as planned.

Michael Bay was live on stage to talk about a new curved UHD TV, but after a few moments the filmmaker transformed (no pun intended) into a bumbling stuttering mess after the conference teleprompter failed. Either that, or he couldn’t keep up and tried to “wing it” after forgetting his lines. Thankfully, the entire thing was captured for your viewing pleasure.

Call it stage fright, or maybe for the simple fact that he directs movies, not stars in them. Without an actual script things went south extremely fast and it turned into a disaster for himself, and Samsung. After a few moments of mistakes and mumbling, he quickly apologized and tried to keep it rolling, and in the end failed and stormed off the stage.

Samsung’s had a slew of announcements today from refrigerators, new Samsung Galaxy Tablets, and of course the TVs, which is where the fun begins at roughly 1:30 into the video available for you below.

There really isn’t much to say about this meltdown, but it’s worth mentioning that he’s a director for a living, and couldn’t manage to direct a quick 45 seconds on stage without a complete fail. Entertaining right? Don’t worry though, because the GottaBeMobile team is here live and will bring you any and all things you may have missed from Bay’s moment on stage.

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