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Michael Dell On Netbooks: Not Convinced



image Interesting comments from Michael Dell on Netbooks, including the Inspiron Mini 9:

From Cnet:

When asked about the Netbook phenomenon, Dell said: “I’m not that fond of the phraseology. If you look at screen sizes for portable computers, 85 percent of portable computers that run advanced operating systems are in the 14- to 15-inch screen space. What percentage will be 8.9- to 10-inch is hard to say.”

He said it’s unlikely that Netbooks will be a massive growth factor in the industry. “I think it’s a second machine in developed countries and a first machine in newly developed countries,” he said.

How many of you are buying Netbooks? Are you buying them for yourself, your kids, a spouse, a secondary work machine? Given the current economic challenges, I’m not convinced people will be buying a Netbook as a companion device, but the price is certainly attractive as a primary device for the home or junior high / high school student.

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