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Micro 3D Printer Makes 3D Printing Affordable



Early last year the Micro 3D Printer made a lot of noise with one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns to date, earning millions and millions of dollars with their vision of making a 3D Printer affordable enough for the average person.

The Kickstarter campaign ended with well over $3 million in funding, and is finally on track to actually arrive for backers and eager buyers. The device was available for a wallet-friendly $200 for early adopters willing to back the company, which was why it was so successful as a cheap 3D printer, and now it’s finally ready to ship.

Here at CES 2015 M3D is showing off their Micro 3D Printer for the first time since the kickstarter campaign ended, and are happy to announce it will start arriving in February. Read on for more details.

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The Micro 3D Printer is one of the easiest 3D printers around, a device which has continued to gain popularity over the past year or so, but was priced out of reach for most. Offering a simple, lightweight, and wallet friendly 3D printer this is finally something many are interested in.

Talking with M3D here at CES they’re aiming for a $349 price tag, which is more than the $200 Kickstarter campaign, but that price was reserved for early adopters. Those who backed the product will start getting them in February, and they’re hopeful for a full release this April. Here’s a video of the M3D in action.

The Micro 3D Printer will be $349 but sadly that price only includes one micro filament spool in either PLA or ABS plastic to complete your 3D printing project. One spool is good enough for small projects, but users will quickly find out that they’ll need additional spools as they go quick.

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Shown above are the micro filament spools in either PLA or ABS plastic offered in an array of different color options. Of course popular colors like White, Black, Blue, and Red are available, and anything else will be available on the site once this printer hits retail stores.

The actual M3D Printer itself comes in five colors at the time of writing this article, and is listed at the low price of just $349 for a limited time. Suggesting a price increase may be coming once it’s actually released to the public in the coming months. This is just one of many 3D printers we’ll be seeing in 2015, but one of the more wallet-friendly options, so keep that in mind.

We asked M3D when we can expect to control these printers from our smartphones and tablets with an accompanying app, and while that’s something we could see in the future, for now everything is up to the M3D Printer and your computer.

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1 Comment

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