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Micron Announces RealSSD C200 for Mobile Computers



After moving to solid state drives (SSD) for most of my computers, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to traditional hard disk drives (HDD) due to the performance increase. That is why I love to see more manufacturers, like Micron, announce advancements in SSD.

The following is a press release from Micron announcing their new RealSSD C200, built specifically for mobile computers. The C200 will be available fourth quarter 2008:

Designed using Micron’s multi-level cell (MLC) NAND process technology, the RealSSD C200 drives will be available in 2.5-inch and 1.8-inch form factors. The 2.5-inch C200 will be offered in densities of up to 256GBs. And with its small form-factor, the 1.8-inch C200 will range in density from 32GBs to 128GBs offering uncompromised power and performance levels. Using a 3 Gb/s SATA interface, the C200 products provide a read speed of up to 250 MB/s and a write speed of up to 100 MB/s. The increased read and write speeds of the C200 will enable consumers to have an overall improved computing experience when compared to a notebook designed with an HDD, offering improved boot and application load times and lower power consumption for smaller form factor notebook designs.

““With our C200 products, we are providing a balanced price to performance solution specifically designed for notebook applications by utilizing MLC NAND technology and highly optimized NAND management algorithms,” continued Klein.

via Engadget

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