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Microsoft Acknowledges A Bug With IE7 and UMPCs



There have been reports of difficulties with IE7 and inking on a Ultra-Mobile PC. Some folks see issues, and some don’t, which always make for an interesting time tracking down bugs. But, this one, is apparently reproducible by the folks in Redmond. The first I saw of this was in this thread on The Orgiami Project. The difficulty emerges when a user has difficulty using the TIP to ink in IE7, with the ink not transferring from the TIP to the intended target.

Microsoft has acknowledged the difficulty, with Adrian Garside stating:

We were able to reproduce this problem. Our initial investigation indicates that something is misconfiguring the Tablet OS by turning off support for advanced text insertion into all applications. This is completely unsupported on a Tablet PC and we’re working to track down how this setting got turned off. In the meantime, I’d like to confirm that this is the entire cause of the problem you are seeing.

Please can you check this setting:

Control Panel -> Regional and Languages Options -> Languages -> Details -> Advanced -> “Extend support of advanced text services to all programs”

This checkbox should always be checked on a Tablet PC. If it’s not, please try checking it, rebooting and then see if the problem in IE7 evaporates.

Thanks to CTitanic for the heads up.

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