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Microsoft and Samsung Team Up for SUR40 or Surface 2.0



Microsoft’s Surface technology has always been some very cool technology. If you’re a casino, or other big money business that can afford to play the game. I guess it’s no real surprise that after the release of Windows Phone 7 we’d see a Surface 2.0 update since one of the appealing factors of the Surface technology is to be able to lay your phone on the table and have info flow back and forth.

Well there is a Surface 2.0 and it does have some advances. The guts now contain a 2.9GHz AMD Athlon II X2 processor and Radeon HD 6700M chipset to display and manipulate on the 40 inch 1080p screen.  The price has apparently dropped to $7500 for one thing. Teaming up with Samsung Microsoft showed off SUR40 with Microsoft Surface at the CES 2011 keynote last night. There are different ways of mounting the device, including ways to mount it vertically on a wall. I guess that means Surface isn’t a just a table anymore.


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