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Microsoft Claims to be ‘Overloaded’ with Xbox One Launch Games



If there’s anything Microsoft wants buyers of its Xbox One console to take away from its pre-release public relations push, it’s that users can expect a steady stream of games during the console’s first year on the market.

Head of Microsoft Studios, Phil Spencer talked up the company’s upcoming portfolio of titles during an interview with Polygon that was timed to accompany the publication’s review of the Xbox One.

“I think back to the Xbox 360 launch, I don’t think we really had those mega franchises that were landing in winter to spring that we’re seeing out of third parties in that same timeframe for Xbox One. I’m spending all of my time now playing games that are 2014 titles”, Spencer told the outlet.

Spencer went on to elaborate further, saying that he’d just gotten back from a trip to Europe in which he spent his time playing games from Microsoft’s own developers like Lionhead, which is responsible for the Fable franchise, and Rare, who produces titles for Microsoft’s Kinect sensor.

Users will be able to purchase Call of Duty Ghosts for the Xbox 360 and then trade it later for a version for the Xbox One.

Microsoft working to fill out its assortment of launch titles is great news for users lining up to purchase the console this Thursday night. While the Xbox One has received praise for its forward-thinking hardware, Kinect 2 sensor and upgraded controller, it has received a bit of criticism for not having enough quality games at launch.

Whether that criticism rings true or not depends on a user’s preferences. Launch titles include the racing simulation Forza 5, sports simulations Madden NFL 25 and NBA2K14. Even users who fancy first-person shooters can get their fix with an Xbox One version of Call of Duty: Ghosts.

While he didn’t provide any news about the unannounced games users can expect next year, Spencer did hint at where users would see more announcements. “Frankly, we’ve got enough news that our E3 would be a little overloaded if we kept everything for that.” According to Spencer, users should expect more news about coming titles, like Remedy Studios’ Quantum Break at VGX. That’s Spike TV’s yearly Video Game Awards.

This year’s Video Game Awards show airs live on December 7th on Spike TV. The Xbox One goes on sale this Friday for $499.

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1 Comment

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