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Microsoft Continues Scroogled Ad Pounding Against the Chromebook



Microsoft must really, really, really be concerned about Google’s Chromebook to invest as many dollars as it is advertising against it. We’ve seen the Scroogled campaign that has enlisted the Pawn Stars and others to put down Chromebooks. Now comes a “man on the street” campaign from the streets of Venice, California. I always love when “man on the street” campaigns say they are going to talk to “real” people. We know they mean regular people and not geeks, but one day I’d like to see an ad with an “non real” person.

I find it interesting that Microsoft isn’t pushing its own Surface hardware in the ads, instead using Windows 8.1 devices from other makers. But the jist is the same. Chromebooks can’t run Photoshop, Office, etc… (Side note: Do that many people really run Photoshop with so many lower cost alternatives out there? Just asking?)

Regardless of Microsoft’s anti-Google ad campaign, I think Google has some catching up to do. In talking with quite a few family members and friends over the recent holiday and since, all looking for recommendations to buy this holiday season, the vast majority have no interest in a Chromebook of any make. And quite a few have no idea what a Chromebook is.



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  2. jas

    12/12/2013 at 6:15 am

    Yes. People buy and use photoshop

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