Microsoft Details Xbox One Dashboard in New Video
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Microsoft Details Xbox One Dashboard in New Video



While Microsoft has spent some time talking about the Xbox One Dashboard, it hasn’t been as detailed as other aspects of the console. The Dashboard is one of the few things that we still don’t know much about compared to other features of the console, but the company has posted a video that details the Xbox One Dashboard and provides gamers with a look at what to expect come November 22.

The video jumps quickly between different Xbox One Dashboard features, and it uses voice commands every step of the way. It shows you how you can navigate through the Dashboard using your voice and even switching between apps in the blink of an eye, including going from watching a movie, to playing a game, to watching television. The video also demonstrates how Skype calls work, allowing you to chat with friends and family right from your couch.

The Dashboard keeps the overall look that we’re familiar with on the Xbox 360, but with a few minor design tweaks to keep it modern, simplistic and minimalistic. However, the functionality is pretty impressive, with the ability to even tell your Xbox One to record a certain part of your video game and share it with your friends and such.

Sadly, we don’t see any multitasking demonstrations in this video, but Microsoft has shown off the feature in the past; gamers are able to split-screen apps, such as viewing tweets while you’re watching a movie, or Skype with a friend while you’re playing Titanfall. This feature can be found on Windows 8 computers, so Microsoft definitely borrowed a few things from their desktop OS to use in the Xbox One.

This is the second video that we’re seeing from Microsoft since they launched its new ad campaign that started off with a video titled “Invitation,” that invited gamers to join the Xbox One frenzy by buying the console and playing some of the new launch-day games like Forza 5, Titanfall and FIFA 14.

While Microsoft was the center of a lot of controversy when they first announced the Xbox One, the company has since bounced back and made its fans happy by overturning certain features of the new console. Currently, Xbox One Day One Edition consoles are pretty much sold out everywhere. Best Buy and GameStop recently opened up pre-orders again, but they eventually were closed back up. You can still pre-order a standard edition of the console, but Day One Editions are practically sold out anywhere you go, but some retail locations will have extra units to play around with on launch day.

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