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Microsoft Exec: Xbox One Sales Are “Through The Roof”



GameStop had to halt its pre-orders of the Xbox One due to high demand for the console and not low supply, according to a Microsoft executive.

Xbox chief of staff Aaron Greenberg recently said on Twitter that demand for the Xbox One at GameStop was “through the roof.” The retailer had to halt taking pre-orders due to the high demand of the next generation console from Microsoft. The retailer will presumably start taking pre-orders again sometime closer to the console’s November release, however.

Greenberg added in his tweet that gamers should “get on the GameStop first to know list for preorder updates.” That could mean that GameStop will have more pre-orders to sell later, though it’s unclear if they will have more Day One Editions of the console to sell.

Xbox One release holiday shopping

Unfortunately there are no numbers to say just how many consoles gamers pre-ordered so far. A recent comment from Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot indicates that numbers are incredibly high, however. Guillemot claimed during a recent earnings call that Xbox One and PlayStation 4 pre-order numbers are already passed the pre-order numbers for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

GameStop isn’t the only retailer to halt pre-orders of the Xbox One. Amazon also recently stopped taking pre-orders of the Xbox One Day One Edition and is currently only accepting Standard Edition pre-orders. Other retailers, including Best Buy, Target and Walmart, still offer pre-orders for the console.

Both GameStop and Amazon recently halted pre-orders for the PlayStation 4 as well, proof that there is a lot of demand for both next generation consoles.

With high demand for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, gamers who want either of the new consoles should try to pre-order them soon before all stores halt pre-orders. It is hard to decide between the two consoles, as both have their own strengths and weaknesses, though it’s always possible to pre-order both and cancel one before it actually ships.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rick

    07/23/2013 at 11:52 am

    “”GameStop had to halt its pre-orders of the Xbox One due to high demand for the console and not low supply, according to a Microsoft executive.””

    “NOT LOW SUPPLY” (So they have plenty to ship just don’t want too)

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