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Microsoft Gifting Users a Free Touch Cover in new Surface Holiday Bundle



Users who purchase one of Microsoft’s Surface tablets and a Type Cover 2 will get a free Touch Cover, as long as they make their purchase from Microsoft’s own retail stores. What Microsoft is calling the Surface Free Cover Holiday Bundle appeared earlier this week. As of now, users who purchase a Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 and a Type Cover 2 will receive a free Type Cover. The Type Cover 2 turns the Surface family of tablets into what could be comfortably described as a laptop. Unlike its predecessor, the Type Cover 2 comes in purple, pink, cyan and black. Its physical keys are also backlit so that users can check their finger placement in the dark before they begin typing. surface free cover bundle All told, Microsoft seems to be using the deal as a way to rid itself of the last generation Touch Cover. The version of that it is providing buyers of the Surface Free Cover Holiday Bundle doesn’t feature back-lit keys like the Touch Cover 2 accessory that Microsoft introduced earlier this year. Its keys are actually touch sensors that have been embedded in the cover itself. As such, it doesn’t offer any real tactile feedback for touch typists. Microsoft says that possible bundles start at $828. That means that users are actually paying for the Type Cover 2 and the Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2. However, they are saving the extra $79 it would have cost them to purchase a Touch Cover alone. A Type Cover 2 costs $129.

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While it’s not necessarily the greatest holiday deal we’ve seen from the Microsoft Store, it does allow users to get their hands on both Surface covers at some discount. It’s these covers that make the Surface itself unique. Without them users wouldn’t be able to get the all-in-one experience that Microsoft is hoping will help it become a true player in the computing hardware space. Users who want to take advantage of the deal should act now. Microsoft’s own website indicates that the deal expires on December 31st or “while supplies last.” Thankfully, users don’t have to head to the nearest Microsoft Store to get in on the savings, the Surface Free Cover Holiday Bundle is available in store and online.

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