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Microsoft Has “Major Announcement” on Monday



After Apple’s big MacBook Pro, Mountain Lion, and iOS 6 unveil this week Microsoft has its own “major announcement” scheduled for next week.

According to SlashGearMicrosoft sent out press invitations to an event on Monday June 18 for some sort of “major announcement.” Microsoft told press the event will be in Los Angeles, but said it won’t announce the venue until the day of the event. The company wants the event to seem like a secret until it is ready to make the announcement.

There are rumors this week that Microsoft will acquire Yammer, but that seems more of a press release-level announcement. It wouldn’t require a huge event.

We assume the event will have something to do with Windows 8 and/or Windows Phone 8. Microsoft already has a Windows Phone Summit scheduled for Wednesday June 20. This “major announcement” could lead into the summit and give us a better idea of what to expect from Windows Phone 8 before Microsoft starts talking to developers about it.

If the event doesn’t deal with Windows Phone 8, we hope it’s the announcement of the release date for Windows 8. Although that can still be announced without a big surprise event.

If Microsoft does take the wraps off Windows Phone 8 at the event on Monday, we’ll likely see a big refresh of all three major mobile platforms within three weeks. Apple announced iOS 6 last week, and there’s a good chance Google will announce Android 4.1 Jelly Bean at Google IO in two weeks.

We hope Microsoft makes some big Windows Phone 8 announcements, and tells us when the new phones will come to market. Clarification on the update path for current phones would be nice as well.

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