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Microsoft LiveStation TV On The Go



Want to view TV on your Tablet PC or UMPC? LiveStation is Microsoft’s and British Developer Skinker’s entry into this field of products and it is now in limited beta. (You can sign up for it on the site, although they say that not everyone will get in.) Some are calling this SlingBox without the box and some are calling it a Joost killer. Regardless, LiveStation is built on the new SilverLight platform and it is probably way too early to tell anything of any signficance, simply because these kind of services depend largely on the content they can offer. It will be interesting to watch.


Video: LiveStation Demo

Update: Apparently I (and others) fell prey to some confusion this morning when posting this, along with some other bloggers. LiveStation is a product of British Developer Skinker and there is an association with Microsoft Research. Just want to set the record straight.

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