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Microsoft “Mobile and Tailored PC Division”?



NameAccording to one Microsoft employee, Hilton Locke, the Tablet PC team is undergoing a name change to reflect the addition of the Ultra-Mobile PC activities going on.  The new name (confirmed through Microsoft MVP sources), will be “Mobile and Tailored PC Division”  Hilton noted this new monicker on his blog in a post about his TechEd 2006 activity.  His quick comment

“Oh, and btw, if you happen to see the moniker “Mobile and Tailored PC Division” – it’s our new name. Personally, I don’t like it, but perhaps it will grow on me?”

Not sure I care much for it either, sounds like another one of those generic names that Microsoft likes to use so much!  But who knows.., maybe it will “grow on me” as well!

My curiosity is piqued by the phrase, “Tailored”.  What do you imagine that means?  My guess is that they need to include all devices in one product group, and thus the more generic phrase, but “tailored”?  Wonder how much they paid a PR firm for that one?  :-)

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