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Microsoft Planning A Major Xbox 360 Announcement At E3



Microsoft plans to sell more than 25 million more Xbox 360 units over the next five years following a major announcement regarding the aging console at E3 in June.

At the beginning of the Xbox One reveal Microsoft said it will speak more about the future of the Xbox 360 at E3. Following to event Microsoft vice president Phil Spencer told GameSpot that Microsoft will support the console for “years to come,” and that it has a “huge” announcement planned for the expo next month.

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In addition to Spencer’s comments Microsoft senior vice president of Interactive Entertainment Business Yusuf Mehdi told Official Xbox Magazine the company plans to sell one a total of 100 million Xbox 360 consoles within five years. That would amount to 25 million new consoles sold in five years.

Expect a big Xbox 360 announcement at E3, even as the Xbox One takes the main spotlight.

Expect a big Xbox 360 announcement at E3, even as the Xbox One takes the main spotlight.

Many of those 25 million consoles will likely be replacements for users who already have an Xbox 360, though others may decide to buy the console following the “huge” E3 announcement.

Previous rumors stated the Xbox 360 will get a refreshed UI at E3, which may look like the UI of the Xbox One. It’s unclear what other plans Microsoft has for the console, however. Microsoft may have a new design for the console in the works that it plans to unveil at E3, which may drive some sales. The company introduced current slim Xbox 360 at E3 2010.

Microsoft may also choose to rework its subsidy model for the Xbox 360 to make it more appealing, or just drop the price even lower. The Xbox 360 currently starts at $199 for the basic model with 4GB of storage. The 250GB model sells for $299.

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With a large library of games, including games that aren’t out yet like Grand Theft Auto V, it makes sense for Microsoft to keep the Xbox 360 around for some time while it tries to push the Xbox One to gamers. Especially since the Xbox One won’t play Xbox 360 games.

Many games announced for the Xbox One, including Call of Duty: Ghosts and Watch_Dogs will also come out on the Xbox 360. The games won’t look as nice as they will on the Xbox One, but they will still have the same basic gameplay.



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  2. DC

    06/05/2013 at 3:12 am

    If Microsoft releases an upgraded xbox 360 with beter hardware, I wil buy it as well as the xbox one. There are still many current gen console games I want to play. Having to buy a game for two consoles would suck though

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