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Microsoft Prepping Google Glass Competitor



While Samsung, LG, and Apple are rumored to be entering the wearable computing category with a smart watch, Microsoft is speculated to be working on a wearable computing device to compete against Google Glass‘ heads-up, always-on device. Microsoft is expected to debut its Google Glass competitor in 2014 while Google says that its eyepiece computer will be coming later this year for an unspecified price tag under the $1500 that it is charging its early developer adopters.

According to Apple Insider, the report comes by way of the same Topeka Capital Markets analyst who is speculating that Apple will debut an iRing to control your iTV set in the living room. Analyst Brian White claims that the Microsoft eyeglass computer would be Internet connected and given its close proximity to the launch of Google Gass, Microsoft would be competitive with Google in this endeavor.


Google will be using a combination of projected touch, gestures, and voice as methods to control Google Glass. Bing voice, which doesn’t seem as mature as Google Now despite Microsoft’s early start with Pocket PC Voice Command and the acquisition of TellMe for voice search on the now defunct Kin platform, could potentially be used to power the Microsoft eyeglass concept.

Additionally, Microsoft could also even leverage some of the technologies it had developed for its Xbox Kinect controller for use with the connected eyeglass.

Better battery technology, flexible batteries, flexible displays, miniaturization, and other technological advancements in recent years will make the next few years a ripe battleground for the wearable computing market as these devices will need to maintain battery life of more than a day to be practical and useful.

And yet despite interest in the novelty of Google Glass, the new technology is still met with some opposition. At least one Seattle, Washington bar has banned Google Glass for privacy concerns, and legislators are trying to pass a no Glass-and-drive legislation to curb distracted driving while operating Google Glass. Microsoft’s project may be met with the same skepticism.

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