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Microsoft Releases A Cure for Sleep of Death and Vista Insomnia?



In the midst of service pack releases, Microsoft has also rolled out an update that seems to address the notorious Sleep of Death and Vista Insomnia issues we’ve been reporting about of late. Here’s the link to the info and download, and here’s what is addressed. This update is called a "preview release" so apply it with that in mind.

This article contains an update that resolves issues that may affect some Windows Vista-based computers. These issues have been reported by customers who use the Error Reporting service or Microsoft Customer Support Services.
This update improves performance, responsiveness, and reliability of Windows Vista in various scenarios. This update resolves the following issues on a Windows Vista-based computer:

  • You receive a "Stop 0x000000A0" error when you try to switch the computer to the hibernate state.
  • You receive a "Stop 0x0000009f" error when you switch the computer to the hibernate state or to the standby state. Or, you receive this Stop error when you resume the computer from the hibernate state or from the standby state. This problem occurs on a computer that has a wireless network connection.
  • The disk does not spin down after a specified time of inactivity.

Additionally, this update can help improve performance when you perform operations that are related to large disk I/O. After you apply this update, you may notice up to a 15 percent performance improvement in some copying operations and when moving some large files.

So far I’ve seen nothing that suggests this is included  or not included in Vista SP1, although the preview release status sounds like it is not. I have not installed this yet, but hope to do so today. More info on the Windows Vista Blog.

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