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Microsoft Releases Beta 2 of Internet Explorer 8



if you’re going to be working in the cloud, the browser is what will lift you off the ground. Looks like we’ll be finding out more about Microsoft’s latest attempt at Internet Explorer now that Beta 2 has been released to the public. According to the IEBlog, IE8 is built around three themes:

Everyday browsing: The theory here is that Microsoft watched lots of users browse the web and designed the experience around that research focusing on navigation.

Safety: It’s a shame that we have trumpet safety and security when it comes to any release, but that’s the time we live in. Microsoft supposedly wants to put users in control of their settings. Check out posts on the Smartscreen Filter, The XSS Filter, and InPrivate as well as reliability improvements.

Platform: Interoperability and web standards are the name of the game here.


You can download the beta here.

Looks like we’ve got some testing to do.

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